The next meeting will be on Saturday November 3rd, 2018 at 2:00pm at the Salvation Army Building, 58 Clinton Street, Concord, NH.

The speaker will be Jim Young and his talk will be on "Diamonds".

The club's Palermo Field trip will be October 14, 2018. If you need assistance or directions please contact the field trip coordinator by clicking the icon on the left.

Educational Links:

New Minerals:

Grossular, Belvidere Mines Epidote, Mount Mist Serandite, D-Mix Mine, Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Left to right: Grossular, Belvidere Mines, Eden,VT. Epidote, Mount Mist, Warren,NH. Serandite, D-Mix Mine, Mont Saint-Hilaire. by Don Dallaire

New Hampshire Minerals:

Topaz, South Baldface Staurolite, Pearl Lake Microline, Moat Mountain

Left to right: Topaz, South Baldface,NH. Staurolite, Lisbon, NH. Microcline, Hales Location, NH. by Don Dallaire