The next meeting will be on Saturday March 3rd, 2018, at the Salvation Army Building, 58 Clinton Street, Concord, NH.

There will not be a formal meeting held on February 3rd 2018.
But like last year there might be a workshop held for anyone who is interested in attending. Stay tuned for further info.

Educational Links:

New Minerals:

Grossular, Belvidere Mines Epidote, Mount Mist Serandite, D-Mix Mine, Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Left to right: Grossular, Belvidere Mines, Eden,VT. Epidote, Mount Mist, Warren,NH. Serandite, D-Mix Mine, Mont Saint-Hilaire. by Don Dallaire

New Hampshire Minerals:

Topaz, South Baldface Staurolite, Pearl Lake Microline, Moat Mountain

Left to right: Topaz, South Baldface,NH. Staurolite, Lisbon, NH. Microcline, Hales Location, NH. by Don Dallaire