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Monthly Meetings
NH Sno-Shakers Clubhouse
70 Clough Pond Rd, Canterbury, NH.
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Membership Application

Please complete this form!
Then send a check made out to Capital Mineral Club for $10.00 per Adult Member for yearly dues.
Once your check is received then your application will be processed.
Send To:
Capital Mineral Club
7133 Oak Hill Road
Loudon, NH 03307
Membership Application Information

Membership Dues

(A junior membership is subject to relationship approval, and must be accompanied and supervised by an adult club member on all club activities. A junior membership has no voting privilege and may not hold office. An adult membership has one vote and may assume any office upon vote of attending adult members.)

Other Groups

Each member of a family should complete an application if applying.

Please read Article # of the CMC by-lays listed below. I agree to follow the CMC by-laws and policies as long as I am a member.

Capital Mineral Club By-laws #3, Code of Ethics(revised 1994)

Members Shall:

  • Not use the club's name or assets for personal gain.
  • Conduct themselves while participating in a mineral related activity in a manner that will reflect upon the Club and themselves.
  • Strive to perpetuate the Club.
  • Conform to the Club by-laws and policies.
  • Promote the study of mineralogical studies.
  • Exhibit a spirit of good fellowship toward all members.