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CMC Scholarship Request Form

This scholarship opportunity is to enable an aspiring student to expand his or her formal Geology or Mineralogy training. This scholarship also allows the Capital Mineral Club members to share their passion of Geology and Mineralogy with the candidate in the hope of establishing a lasting social and working relationship. Submit the completed form letter to Concord Capital Mineral Club's website, no later than December 1st of this year. All Scholarship Request Letters are reviewed in a timely matter.

Candidates will be notified no later then 15 days after submitting the completed form letter. This Notification will be to inform the candidate of an interview invitation. The interview date and time will be 11:30 am on the 2nd Saturday of January. The committee will also host a lunch for the interviewing candidates. The interview process will give the candidate an opportunity to casually socialize with the Scholarship Committee members and to further explain and describe the desired training program they want to attend. The committee's general areas of interest are: why you are applying for the scholarship, your need for the funds and how they will help you, how you expect to benefit from the program in which you wish to participate. The interviewed candidates will also be expected to attend the club meeting at 1:00 pm so they can be introduced to the membership.
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